The Sparrow

My kinda sorta in-between genres (literary/horror/) short story “The Sparrow” is live today in Body Parts Magazine #6: Grave Robbing.

You can read it Here

Much thanks to the editorial crew at Body Parts for selecting and publishing this piece.

I have more to come in a week – prepare yourselves yourself for a little run of shameless self-promotion via posted links to my work over the next couple of weeks.

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Somewhere in Rooms With No Mirrors

Capture of Unbroken Journal  May June 2016

I have a “collection” of three short prose-poems/prosodies up in the May/June 2016 issue of Unbroken Journal.

They can be read Here

  • “Somewhere in Rooms With No Mirrors” begins on page 19
  • “7Am Automatic” on page 20
  • “Small Town Hotel Breakfast Special” on page 21.

Much thanks to R.L. Black and the crew @ Unbroken for their kindness in accepting, editing, and formatting these pieces for publication.

It may interest only me – but I write these on line by line – “broken” poetry – and Unbroken Journal edits them back into paragraph form. Whatever magic it is they weave – it works – and I hope you read ’em.

As an aside there is some real heavyweight talent in this issue – not the least of which is Calgarian Hermine Robinson who has three pieces in the issue beginning on page #76.

Thanks again savage readers.

Yours in solidarity





You Prurient Bastards

Just a quick note to note something:

If I post some gag post on astrology (low hanging fruit) or erotica ( stuff found on the ground) I get 10x the views I do when I post links to my stories.

I say 10x to make myself feel good – it’s actually more than that.

Dear Readers: I guess I have to say …. you know how daddy likes it.

Don’t stop.


Phrases You Should Avoid When Writing Erotica


When writing erotica, please avoid using the following phrases/euphemisms/terminology by all means necessary:

  • Like a screen door in a hurricane
  • Baloney Pony
  • Banged the shit out of
  • Strange burning sensation
  • Humping
  • Prayer Group
  • Glissade
  • Expresso (‘Espresso’ is fine)
  • Eight minutes of furious mediocrity
  • Squish Biscuit
  • Journaling
  • For King and Country!
  • Stump
  • The smell of fear
  • Frenetic
  • Republican Primary
  • Uphill
  • Drum Circle
  • Downhill
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Anything that rhymes with “Rumpelstiltskin”
  • Smidgen
  • Pork ninja
  • Octopus
  • Porked
  • Country-style
  • Blog
  • Fat as fuck

Seriously – don’t write these or it’ll kill your shit. Your story becomes very put down-able.

If you can think of any others post ’em up in the comments.

Rock on compadres, I shall return to throw some horns and rock out in the very near future, after I finish rocking out and throwing some horns,



One Inch of Air

My short story “one inch of Air” is live @ Tracer Publishing today.

You can read it Here

I’ve always wondered if hypothermia set in faster than drowning. I believe it does, but read the story and let me know what you think.

Much thanks to Alex Brown of Tracer for accepting the piece and putting it up.


Astrology 101: Your Personality by Sign

El Zodiac

Astrology 101: The Basic Personality Template of all Zodiacal Signs

Well, as the Amazing Randi once never said “All of that psychic stuff is crap – except for astrology. That shit’s furreal.” So here is my interpretation of your personality based on studying your birth sign.

Aries: When you live by the slogan “My Way or the Highway” you spend a lot of time on the highway, thumb in the air. You can spot an Aries easily enough: All their friends are people they just met.

Leo: Someone once noted that Dogs can learn as many as 104 unique voice commands, can herd sheep, track lost hikers, recognize their owners after years apart, and they will even die defending their people. Cats shit in a box. So, there’s Leo.

Sagittarius: The circumstances of their conception dictated their time and date of birth and thus, their sign. Hard to hold that against ‘em but … Ewww.

Taurus: Ah, the “K” Class of the Zodiac, lowering the curve and defying the term “progression to the mean” for a millennia.

Virgo: Not many in these here parts. Deep down inside all signs think that their sign is the best sign. Not these guys. No Virgo wants to be a Virgo. I understand.

Capricorn: There is no cry for help, no plea for mercy, and no sprawling vista of human suffering Capricorns can’t ignore. I think they are born to harvest orphan tears. But as Cappy would say: “Cappy got paid.”

Gemini: Dirty hippies have to be born at some time right? These are the people that take an old bus running on diesel loaded with 24-packs of bottled water to protest pipeline construction. Geminis should never be cremated, only buried, because they are so full of shit they make the best fertilizer.

Libra: What they lack in looks, they make up for in not having any semblance of a personality. The sheet rock of the heavens, they need a lot of work to be made lovable, even though they are not usually hate-able.

Aquarius: Ah the hate-able. You cannot do enough for these people, the “Everyone is mean to me,” of the heavens. Imagine being 2 years old but for 80 – 120 years. Seriously: Fuck Aquarius.

Cancer: Say no more.

Scorpio: There is a saying in golf: “Drive for Show, putt for dough.” Scorpios (sometimes) drive well. But not often. In fact, it might be just a rumor but I wanted to say something positive about Scorpio so I reached a bit.

Pisces: The “Debby Downer” of the chart, there is no silver cloud that Pisces can’t make into a dark cloud. Even the word “Pisces” is descended from an old Etruscan word for “Misbegotten creature that drags the unwary to their death in the murky depths.” If they could kill people merely by crushing them with the weight of their disappointment Pisces would be the only sign left.    

So there you go – kudos to you if you can guess my sign from the above.

Truthfully I haven’t updated my blog in a bit, I’ve been A) dating a hot chick, and B) working hard at my “legitimate” writing so I pulled this piece of snark out of the archives and taped ‘er up for your enjoyment because you dear readers reader, are always on my mind.



The Wild Girls Sing

My short prose-poem/prosody “The Wild Girls Sing” is out in the new Issue of Yellow Chair Review (Waco, Texas).

You can read it Here

Much thanks to the YCR crew for their hard work.

I’ve read the issue and it’s really strong with some excellent work in from a number of writers. I know YCR has made some “best of” lists since it’s inception in 2011 – founder and E-I-C S. Moran is a force of nature in the indie lit community.

This is one short of a hat trick for me with YCR – my poem “There have Been Others” was the winner of YCR’s weekly “Rock the Chair” poetry challenge and was put up February 14.

Go and and give ’em a read a let me know what you think,