First Blog post: Naming the blog

I needed a blog to support my literary efforts – people like to track down my body of work and I like to be able to show ’em.

I settled on my name – with the tag line “Half Wit Lit” because … if ya knew me …

I considered a great many other tag lines/names but they were either taken, hopelessly derivative, pompous, outright plagiarized, or way too much of an inside joke. Here’s a selection for your review:

“The Most Important Lit Blog In the World”
Or “Sniping in Safeway’s Produce Section: A Guide”
Or “Dyslexics of the World: Untie!
Or “The Pump Won’t Work Because the Vandal Stole the Handle”
Or “No Poets Need Apply”
Or “Read This, Wrote That”
Or “Reading This, Writing That”
Or “Reading and Thinking and Missing the Seasons”
Or “I wait I wait I wait I wait”
Or “I did! I Did Taw a Puddy Tat!”
Or “Burn That Manuscript Now!”
Or “The Rejection Collection”
Or “Written in Crayon”
Or “The Rebel Writers Motorcycle Club”
Or “Rewrites”
Or “Buy My Damn Book Already”
Or “Serial Serials”
Or “Handwritten”
Or “You Write? That’s Nice.”
Or “Lurid Lit”
Or “Last Night I Dreamt of a Spider”
Or “Submission Confessions”
Or “Bigfoot’s Forgotten Love Child”
Or “We Were Writers Once, And Brave”
Or “Finish Your Novel Yet, Brian?”
Or “Short Bus Confessions”

As you can see I’m practically on fire today.


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