The best page on the web is

The best page on the web is

The Thrilling Tales pulp-o-mizer –  You can find it by clicking on the picture!

The pulp-o-mizer lets you create your own pulp ‘zine cover. It is way too cool for school so quit now, stock up on the ramen and tell your mom you’re “working on something” and not to bother you “for a while”. Don’t worry, she’ll think you’re up to something else and leave you alone so you’ll have all the time you need.

It’s free to play around with (“There is no charge for awesome” a Kung Fu Panda once said) but you can have your design made into some awesome merchandise you can purchase – quite possibly for me for Christmas!

My minimalist effort is above and I guess all there is left for me to do is to get on the Amazon Ninja Bikini Kill Team trilogy. I’m going to need some more “alone” time I guess.