Writing: Marketing “Shirlena”

Back at Writing in the Works in Calgary in April I read from a heretofore unpublished short of mine called “Shirlena”. WITW asks specifically for works that have not yet appeared in print ( or online – this is “in the works” part of it) and audience response was really good – especially considering I have a whiny, tubercular voice, poor hygiene (aka I read in “smell-o-vision”) and – as my daddy used to say –  “a face made for radio”. 

I think it’s invaluable to have an opportunity to read in front of a live audience. The rhythym and flow of actual speech tells you how your work “reads” and you can tell from the expressions on the listener’s faces if they are “getting it” and what/where you are successful and what/where you need to improve the piece.

So today I am sending out “Shirlena”, an Oprah-esque and moving story about redemption and recovery (or something like that) involving a good man, a bad woman, a sweet sweet El Camino … and Satan.

As my friend and fellow writer Minkee says “it’s not doing anything just sitting on your hard drive”.

Another friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) said “Don’t be a pussy”. 

So out it goes. 

Wish me luck.

My name is Steve Passey and I write moving Oprah-esque fiction about redemption, recovery, and Satan.


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