Stat Shot: A Struggling Writer

From the struggling wanna-be writer files: I updated my stat-spreadsheet and here are the results

10: Number of stories submitted at least once
32: Total # of submissions
3: # of stories sold/placed
22: Rejections (or failed to place in a contest)
4: No Responses 180+ Days – I assume these to have died – almost all are 1 year now and I think 2 of the markets are defunct
1: Waiting on Acceptance/Rejection
2: Withdrawals – One because someone published it first the other because I noticed after submitting that publisher doesn’t take Sim Subs.

Most submitted story went out 9 times and was accepted (1) rejected (6) – and had 2 non-responses one of which I realized with abject horror was because I failed to attach the story to the email submitting it … which is either 1) Proof of my “diminished capacity” and rank amateur status or 2) Lucky for me because it was a non-paying market and the guys who accepted it will GIVE ME $25. $25 AMERICAN DOLLARS! AND 2 COPIES! HELL YEAH!

So that’s that.

As far as rejections go 4 were personal, 18 form. Two of those personal rejections were very kindly worded and encouraging. I don’t need it – form is good enough – but a kind word goes a long way in this biz and I’ll remember it.

My goal is to get that submission number up because you can’t sell if you don’t submit. I have lots of excellent product “on the shelf” – time to get it out.



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