Shameless Self-Promotion

A little shameless Self-Promotion: Here’s a pic of the proposed cover art along with a sidebar from my story in the upcoming May 2014 issue of Big Pulp’s “Murder & the Macabre” imprint.


Remember the following formula for when times are tough: Buy Big Pulp + Blow sh*t up = Stay Awesome.

You can subscribe to Big Pulp here, their website is here, and don’t forget to go throw them a “like on their Facebook here.

“But Steve” you say “Before I go throwing my hard-earned rubles down on Big Pulp what is “Shotgun Suicide” actually about? I’ll be honest – I’m a little worried based on the title alone.”

I’m glad you asked! Without giving too much away I can say that It’s Oprah-esque fiction about recovery, redemption and the power of a dream. It’s not like yours truly would write about guns, weed, strippers and weed right?

So go on and buy now!

Later Gators!


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