What I’d Do If I Won The Lottery …


You know how people generally plan to be benevolent should their numbers come up and they win a lottery? Everyone’s an arm-chair philanthropist who wants to help this charity or that foundation and in general sprinkle some largess around?


People do that because they hope that in some “karmic” way the promise of – or even the belief in – their own future benevolence will somehow improve their chances of winning.

Yes – I know what you are thinking and quite frankly, it’s sad.

If I win I am A) Betting – large – on the richest man entered in a puppy-kicking contest and, B) Buying a bunch of AK-47’s with 200 rounds each and sending them to some feckless Third World Civil War.

So … in a karmic way and with great faith in my own future malevolence …. I bet my chances of winning are just as bad as yours.

Gotta go – time to walk the dog!



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