Thoughts on Creative Personalities

A little background here:

A while back at my old office we were discussing the “weirdest people” to deal with as a class of clientele. The top two were Chefs/Cooks and Hairdressers.

In regards to chefs/cooks I have never worked in food service but a number of my co-workers had and they all had stories about chefs involving heavy drug use/knives/sexual harassment/rage-quitting in the middle of a shift. Stuff like that.

Hairdressers were just odd. I discussed this with an ex-girlfriend and she quickly described HD’s as “They think they’re ultra cool because they have piercings in their genitals and say “fuck” a lot.”

I don’t think that’s quite right but I do note that any hairdresser I have ever brought up the “hairdressers are nuts” issue to agreed wholeheartedly. Most brought up the constant exposure to the chemicals in perms/dyes etc. that are a constant part of their job as a factor in their Lovecraftian weirdness.

It made me think about creative types in general – can you in fact associate a person’s level of creativity with a corresponding level of weirdness?

I came up with an “off the cuff” list of occupations (from the notionally creative to the highly creative) listed in ascending order of nuttiness. “Ascending” means from lowest (almost normal – a few weird twitches) to highest (totally fucking out there.)

  1. Non-Fiction Writers/Journalism
  2. Graphic Designers/Illustrators
  3. Photographers
  4. Fiction Writers
  5. Hairdressers
  6. Chef’s
  7. Actors
  8. Painters/Sculptors
  9. Poets
  10. You choose/Open for further discussion
  11. Of course  individuals can be exceptions to the rule for all of the above – we can all think of examples – except for poets. Poets are nutters! It’s practically a requirement.

    Philosopher’s are even crazier but I’m not sure it’s A creative art or THE creative art so I didn’t include it here but I’m holding #10 on the list open in case of feedback.

    I eagerly await your input, loyal readers reader – and if it comes in couplets or dactylic hexameter … it’s proof positive. Especially dactylic hexameter.

    Over and out!



Winter has arrived … again

A Cat in a Hat
Just took a hairy Shizzat!
Right in my kitchen!
WTF is with that?

His back it did spasm
His tail gave three twitches
It went right into his hat
Blew out three hat-stitches!

“Steve – Look out at that Window”
The Cat said in fear
“See the snow and the wind?
I can’t go out there!”

Let us have a moment of silence
For the feline in the hat
He’s staring in from the deck now
I don’t even own a cat.

It was 10 – 6 for the Raiders when I went out to shovel snow a while ago and when I got back in the Raiders had Raider-ed and this is the best I can do at this moment. Between the weather and the game … I feel piled on.