Winter has arrived … again

A Cat in a Hat
Just took a hairy Shizzat!
Right in my kitchen!
WTF is with that?

His back it did spasm
His tail gave three twitches
It went right into his hat
Blew out three hat-stitches!

“Steve – Look out at that Window”
The Cat said in fear
“See the snow and the wind?
I can’t go out there!”

Let us have a moment of silence
For the feline in the hat
He’s staring in from the deck now
I don’t even own a cat.

It was 10 – 6 for the Raiders when I went out to shovel snow a while ago and when I got back in the Raiders had Raider-ed and this is the best I can do at this moment. Between the weather and the game … I feel piled on.




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