Why I Write Part 2!

Hemingway, at the exact moment he realized he f*cking hated cats.
Hemingway, at the exact moment he realized he f*cking hated cats.

Ever see the #amwriting tag on twitter?

Its usually preceded by as much as 140-characters of something trumpeting some accomplishment or some sacrifice. All this effort with no possible hope of success begs a question as to why.

As for why I write?

  1. Because Steel Panther already has a drummer. For me, this is all that’s left.
  2. Because I wasn’t actually actually going to walk the dog anyways. Might as well sit down and write.
  3. Because I saw something on TV once or movie and thought “Meh, I can do that.”
  4. Because I read something once and thought “I could do that.”
  5. Because … chicks, money and fame. Soon anyways. DON’T JUDGE ME.
  6. Because truthfully, you can do this part time. I hate seeing “I have no time to write” complaints. I write all the time. I have kids and jobs and shit. Still get in a few thousand words whenever I feel like it.
  7. Because mostly I can write when I feel like it. Think of anything else you can do when you feel like it and I promise you, it will be a very short list.
  8. Because I get a strange sense of satisfaction out of putting words in a certain order.
  9. I do it because I like it. No one makes me write.
  10. Writer’s are fun and cool. We always have something to talk about. Surprisingly it’s rarely writing. We talk about our kids and dogs. Just like regular people.

I could go a little longer but you get the point. Don’t bitch about writing. It’s not that hard. I guess I could say “It’s easy to do but hard to be good at” but that platitude applies to everything. No one, me included, cares.

And that’s that.

Have a good one peeps, I’ll be back after I make my self-imposed 2,500 word quo .. nah. Already done. I’m gonna go lift weights.


PS – look at Papa and that cat again. It’s like they’ve been married for a year. Mutual hatred. They despise one another. Look!