Ode to Crushes Past

Odalisque, Adolphe Weiz

Odalisque, Adolphe Weiz

Got a call from a girl I used to go to University with yesterday – She had been out for lunch with a mutual friend and apparently my single status had been discussed.

“You know I was crushing on you big time back in the day” she said. I wished I knew that then – I remembered her as being very attractive, very smart, and with a great sense of humour. It felt good to hear it.

“Let’s go grab a drink at OJ’s while I’m in town,” she said, “And catch up!” (OJ’s is a local pub where at one time one of the bar stools had my ass-groove.)

“Sure,” I said, “But I’m not sure if you’ll recognize me. Hair’s a bit thinner, sad to say.”

“I’ll recognize you” she said, “And besides, I like that look.”

“I’m a little heavier too though” I said. “A little softer around the middle. It sneaks up on a guy.”

“I like a cuddly guy,” she said, “And I’ve gained some weight myself!”

So I hung up.


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