My Five Favorite Iron Maiden Songs, Listed

I have thought about this quite a bit lately.

  1. The Number of the Beast
  2. Wasted Years
  3. Fear of the Dark
  4. Two Minutes to Midnight
  5. Women in Uniform

None of these will surprise any die-hard Maiden fan, except for #5. This was pre-Bruce Dickinson IM – some other f*ckin’ guy was lead vox, and it’s actually a cover of a late 70’s Aussie band named Skyhooks tune of the same name. But the video introduces Eddie, the group’s famous mascot, and it’s actually the first IM song I ever heard. It was enough to get me intrigued.

Iron Maiden is covered extensively by strings/classically trained musicians – which comes as no surprise to me or any serious IM fan. IM’s musicianship was top notch, and owes as much to Paganini as it does any rock n’ roll precursor. When I think of Iron Maiden I think of bassist Steve Harris’s right hand, bringing out those fabulous notes in 8th’s and even 16th’s or whatever.

At any rate, here’s my favorite cover of an IM tune – this of “Fear of the Dark” by the appropriately named Greek brother-sister duo “String Demons”

Rock on

\m/ \m/

I’ll be back when someone breaks the Seventh Seal,



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