Dear NFL: Get Your Shit Together

Mean JG

Remember when Mean Joe Greene was ejected for tearing a guy’s foot off (only because he removed his helmet and used his teeth) and still had the presence of mind to rob a small child of a coke on his way off of the field?  Remember? Those were the days …


Football is a violent ground acquisition sport and a capitalist metaphor for war.

I love football.

Coldplay is a band. Apparently they will be part of the half-time show at Superbowl 50.

I do not love Coldplay.

Having Coldplay up for the half-time show @ the Superbowl, with their pablum-esque elevator music (imagine a child covering their ears and saying “la-la-la-la” for eleven minutes and you have every Coldplay song, ever) – It weakens the brand.

Back when Ray Nitschke, The Purple People Eaters, Mean Joe Greene and Lyle Alzado all roamed the killing fields of the NFL the only half-time music was the screams of the dying – the way God intended.

To the NFL: Get your shit together.

To my readers reader – Stay Metal!

\m/ \m/



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