This Too Won’t Pass

One of my fave videos.



However, I feel compelled to say: It’s not true that “This too shall pass.”

As Nietzsche teaches us via his idea of “Eternal Recurrence” things – no matter how horrific, happen over and over again – in perpetuity, exactly as they happened previously until, when we are lying there absolutely defeated and in terrible, unbelievable pain, an asteroid hits or perhaps the sun expands and even our atoms are rendered from one another in one last desperate spasm of futility. Rest assured, the last thing those atoms feel is a combination of terror, despair, and pain. They die screaming, screaming, screaming – they scream themselves hoarse while dying. Then they die. Even though they die, this happens over and over. Always and forever.

Did I mention pain?

Over and out readers, I have to go rewrite this now, forever.



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