My Header Pics


No one ever asked but my old header pic (above) was taken in Rachel, Nevada on December 29. 2014. My youngest and I had road-tripped it and made the trip to Rachel and the infamous Little Al-E-Inn – A place made (semi) famous in the movie “Paul” due to its proximity to the fabled “Area 51.”

The picture itself was taken from the parking lot of the little Al-E-Inn facing roughly due North across the 375 – “The Extraterrestrial Highway.” The inn – and Area 51 – would have been at our backs.

There is nothing out there. Nothing. You could hide a large secret base and have an army of aliens unloading crate after crate of Bigfoots and no one would ever see.

Make sure you are on a full tank of gas going to Rachel – there is no gas in Rachel itself.


My current header pic was taking on a hike on March 12, 2012 a few kilometers north of Barnwell, Alberta. That’s what the short grass prairie looks like in it’s natural state. Although it’s difficult to tell, the farm on the right hand side of the picture is across the Old Man River – I’d guess sit to be 3 to 3.5 k’s away and the river would not be an easy crossing in March when it’s swollen with run off and the water is hypothermia-inducing cold even though the river itself is not exceptionally deep. When we were kids we used to “tube” down the river to a landing near the town of Taber – we’d float down on the current resting on old tractor-tire inner tubes and while an afternoon away. I wonder if anyone does that anymore?

Like the Nevada pic this pic is taken facing north.

If you have a big enough and sharp enough screen you’ll see little puffs of black smoke trailing off to the right (East) – that’s a from a tractor plowing. It was very windy that day (like most days here) and thus the dotted black line in the sky.

And that’s the story of my header pics.

Stay young and cool comrades, I’ll be back to post something when I have something to post.



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