Of Readers, Editors, and Nominations

Los Angeles

No idea who originally took this/made this but I do love LA. 

In November of this year I had a story titled “All of the Words to All of the Songs” accepted by an on-line publication called Chicago Literati and in the same email they told me they were nominating it for a “Puschart Prize.” I did not actually know what a Pushcart Prize was – I quickly confirmed with writer friends that A) this was cool and B) it doesn’t come with a check attached.

Ah well. In the end of the literary pool I swim – and like -small indie publishers rule and no one makes any money so praise is the only form of currency we have. I don’t mind. I am very pleased for the kind words of the Editor who selected and nominated the story.

I never know who reads my shit or what they think of it if they do. I write because I like to do it – I get some satisfaction out of ordering words around. In my short literary career I’ve had feedback from strangers exactly four times: The Pushcart Nomination from Chicago Literati, a positive review @ thereviewreview.net of my story “The River by The Garden” appeared in an independent review of the Molotov Cocktail, and two strangers on Twitter professing their admiration for other stories of mine.

That’s all.

I didn’t win a Pushcart, and I don’t use the nomination on my “author bio” when I send out other work. I understand that there are thousands of nominees, and that the process itself ranges from totally unbiased totally biased. Winning some sort of prize might help the ol’ writer’s resume’ and if ever I win anything you’ll be sure to hear about it.

It would be a monumentally self-serving lie to say that I don’t care who reads me, or if anyone reads me. At a certain point as a writer, you must admit that you like to be read. We write whether we are read or not, because that’s the way we are, but no one ever put pen to paper save for some sort of posterity.

At any rate, I am pleased with the comfort of strangers, and you can read my Puschart Nominated Story “All of the Words to All of the Songs” here at Chicago Literati

To any of you who read my stories – Thanks!

I’ll be back soon with links to more poesy I have being published and some other crap to amuse small minds when I have no actual news to report.



2 thoughts on “Of Readers, Editors, and Nominations

  1. It is very cool. And now you have something in common with Joyce Carol Oates. Well, something else — she writes poetry, too. Hmmm….

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