Boycotting Valentine’s With Sons of Butcher

V-Day is coming up and I will not be participating in that soulless corporate imposition – by choice. (Someone else’s choice – but – that’s not materiel.)

Fight the power is what I’m saying.

People say to me “Steve, why don’t you write love songs?” I tell them it’s because I’m not a musician. Then they say to me “Love Poems? Why don’t you write love poems?” I say its because Sons of Butcher wrote all the good ones, and set them to music, and I’m not a musician.

Here’s their “Made Love by the River” – The lovin-est love ballad of all time. It’s like Valentine’s Day, but with less greed, every time you play this song:



If there is one thing I want for you to take away from this sweet, sweet sonnet it’s the following lyrics:

“Listen, kids
Love’s a four way stop
If you get there first, you have the right of way
If they get there first, they have the right of way
If you both arrive at the same time, in that magical moment
The person to the right, has the right of way”


It’s dusty in here. Something got in my eye.

Later gators. Remember: Don’t give in. You are only fooling yourself.

\m/ \m/



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