Matthew Good on Writing

Canadian recording artist Matthew Good is a legend – for a number of reasons.

I like his lyrics. In his song “Generation X-Wing” the chorus consists of a singular line, repeated a few times:

“I will always be the worst”

So yeah, I’d say MG understood writing.

Many years ago I read a “Story” on his blog – it was an interior monologue about drinking away the pain. It wasn’t that good. I decided that I could write better and that’s when I started.

So here’s Matthew Good and the acoustic version of “Generation X-Wing” for all of us who have always been the worst.


I’ll be back in a while – whenever I sense that y’all are getting too happy/too comfy. Then I’ll post Two Cow Garage’s “Should’ve California” live from 3 Kings Tavern and once again, remind you not to be too happy/comfy. Like – what are you thinking?



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