Homicide, Suicide, Plea

My prose-poem “Homicide, Suicide, Plea” is up in this month’s Unbroken Journal and you can read it Here

“Homicide, Suicide, Plea” is on page #101.

Much thanks to R.L. Black and the editorial crew at Unbroken, who put out a really excellent magazine that I’m very pleased to be a part of.

Although I’ve had other poems/prosodies appear now “Homicide, Suicide, Plea” was the first one I ever had accepted.

I’d also like to point out the Hermine Robinson and Kevin Mulligan – two excellent writers who came through Mount Royal Universities continuing education classes in Creative Writing taught by the estimable Lori Hahnel – also have pieces in this issue of Unbroken. How cool is that?

Kevin’s piece “For Want Of”  and Hermine’s two pieces “The House is Sad” and “Nothing Changes” also appear here in this issue of Unbroken Journal.

We are all members of the same writing group – we meet once/month or so to nosh on chicken wings (perogies for Hermine) and have a beverage while workshopping our writing. Some days more gets done than others but the point is: We’re doing it.

Rock on



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