You Prurient Bastards

Just a quick note to note something:

If I post some gag post on astrology (low hanging fruit) or erotica ( stuff found on the ground) I get 10x the views I do when I post links to my stories.

I say 10x to make myself feel good – it’s actually more than that.

Dear Readers: I guess I have to say …. you know how daddy likes it.

Don’t stop.



5 thoughts on “You Prurient Bastards

  1. Twenty points for using “prurient” in a sentence.

    It’s one of my favorite words (Just pronouncing it makes your mouth perform sex on itself.)(You just said it out loud to yourself, didn’t you?)(Neener, neener.) and I’d like to say it a lot more but I can actually see people’s brains cramp with the exertion of incomprehension when they hear it.

    I need smarter friends.

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