Somewhere in Rooms With No Mirrors

Capture of Unbroken Journal  May June 2016

I have a “collection” of three short prose-poems/prosodies up in the May/June 2016 issue of Unbroken Journal.

They can be read Here

  • “Somewhere in Rooms With No Mirrors”
  • “7Am Automatic”
  • “Small Town Hotel Breakfast Special”

Are the three pieces I have in this issue.

Much thanks to R.L. Black and the crew @ Unbroken for their kindness in accepting, editing, and formatting these pieces for publication.

It may interest only me – but I write these on line by line – “broken” poetry – and Unbroken Journal edits them back into paragraph form. Whatever magic it is they weave – it works – and I hope you read ’em.

As an aside there is some real heavyweight talent in this issue – not the least of which is Calgarian Hermine Robinson who has three pieces in the issue beginning on page #76.

Thanks again savage readers.

Yours in solidarity






3 thoughts on “Somewhere in Rooms With No Mirrors

  1. Thanks for the shout out Steve. Great job on your collection, it’s a pleasure to be in the company of great writing. And many thanks to Unbroken Journal for accepting my trio of circus-related characters for publication and putting out a great issue for May and June.

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