Indolence & Rhyme

My short story “Indolence and Rhyme” is in Toasted Cheese Issue 16.2 and you can read it Here

“Indolence … ” is a short story but if you have ambitions to write poetry and hope to ever be paid or even merely well-thought of you should read it less as a story and more as a prophecy.

I am very pleased to have a story in Toasted Cheese – TC has been around since the dawn of the internet (2001) and has won numerous awards over that time span as one of the best writing sites on the net.

Strange Factoid: The poems that form part of the narrative of this story were the first poems I ever wrote. Since that time I’ve had a few published but they all started here.

Read & enjoy you slack-jawed Troglodytes, I’ll be back with another publication credit Monday and hopefully (but not likely) news of a lottery win at which point I need never blog again.





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