Bikers, Tuskers, and Lloyd’s of London

photo 2 (4).JPG

2002 Tusker T-Shirt reverse. 


Bikers, Tuskers and Lloyd’s of London

Back in a previous life I was a small rural insurance broker and as a matter of course I have many uninteresting stories about that time. However, one of the very few fun things I got to do (besides golf tournaments on the insurer’s dime) was to broker something called “Event Liability Insurance” (including Host Liquor Liability/Commercial General Liability etc. etc.) for events called “Tuskers.”

A Tusker is a “Biker Bash” – a weekend-long outdoor party for motorcycling enthusiasts of a particular stripe (i.e. – A great many ride highly customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles.) The event organizers brought in bands, had a “burnout pit”, a bike show, a wet tee-shirt contest, and other various fun family activities for the attendees. A fee was charged for the weekend and attendees were given a t-shirt as their entry pass – that way you don;t have to cart around a laminated card/ticket stubs or have your hand stamped, all of which have “continuity” problems. Slap on your tee and ride on in.  The organizers provided me with a tee-shirt as a gratuity for all of the hard work of brokering the necessary insurance coverage for the weekend, and I’ve put up some pics of my 2002 t-shirt here for your examination.

I am sure my readers are well familiar with Tuskers and have even attended a few but are surprised to know that there is insurance in place. Hey – of course there is. The county, law enforcement, private landowner’s renting or providing space – all of these people want indemnity in case anything goes wrong.  So with me – and certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, London (UK), coverage was quoted, bound, and premiums collected and a policy issued.

In addition to my t-shirts (I have never worn them – instead I have preserved them for eternity) I was asked to come on up and judge the wet t-shirt contest. I was flattered but demurred – I now regret that. I was married at the time and thought it an ungentlemanly thing to do but fuck it, If I could have sped up the divorce by a few years judging a wet t-shirt contest at a Tusker I absolutely, unequivocally should have done it. Plus, it would have given me some materiel.

In my insurance career I dealt with all sorts of people and believe it or not, most were good – But there were none better than the Tusker organizers. Premiums were paid in advance in cash, t-shirts gifted, invitations extended, and the events themselves ran like the Olympics only without the graft, delays, and shady judging. In the “motorcycle enthusiasts” community everyone has a nickname so I want to give a shout-out and thank you to Tracks, Moon, Morbid, and Sensitive (Yes – his biker “handle” is “Sensitive” – he was in charge of booking the bands) – you guys were/are the best.

So there – there’s my short summary of Bikers, Tuskers, and Lloyd’s of London – my contribution to what I hope is a hot and lazy summer weekend for all of you.

Stay frosty comrades – and go get yourself some sharp t-shirts.


photo 1 (3)

2002 Tusker T-Shirt Front Panel. Awesome.


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