Astarte Dreams of Fire and Stars That Fall Like Snow

Yellow Chair Review Issue #8 Cover.jpg

I’ve got a couple of prose-poems up at The Yellow Chair Review for you – namely “Raised on the Farm” and “Astarte Dreams of Fire and Stars That Fall Like Snow (The Prophet of Regret #8).

You can read them Here

This is my third appearance in Yellow Chair Review – I had a piece in issue #6 (March 2016) called “The Wild Girls Sing” and I “Rocked the Chair” ( a weekly poetry challenge put on by YCR) with “There Have Been others” in February 14, 2016.  I’ll also have another piece come out in their October “Hallowe’en Issue” run.

There a number of other excellent pieces in this issue – I’d like to throw out a cyber high-five to Minkee Robinson for her vignette “Porcelain Dolls” (read it here.) Kudos to the crew at YCR – they are doing good work.

Later Gators, I’m slaving away on more fiction. As for you guys? You know the drill: Stay frosty. Go Raiders.

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