Culling Song


My poem “Culling Song” is up in Yellow Chair Review’s Annual horror issue – you can read it Here.

A “Culling Song” is a colloquial rhyme, chant, or incantation that, when spoken aloud, kills the listener. I’ve seen it referred to as being either African or Mesopotamian in origin. However, I wonder if the above isn’t just some bit of web-manufactured provenance – the first time I ever heard of a “Culling Song” was in Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Lullaby. So there you have it.

History (real or manufactured) aside, the idea of a “culling song” is inspirational for poets … and it’s that time of year when poetry journals have their horror issues up and live.

As an aside, the “author bio” I came up with for this piece/issue was probably the finest thing I have ever written. Much thanks to the Editors @ YCR for affording me the opportunities that they have.

For those of you planning on handing out treats this year … I like Snickers and I like shots of Grand Marnier.

I’ll be back with more publishing news over the next few days.



*Disclaimer: Read my poem, let me know what you think, but should you speak it aloud you are on your own. I accept no responsibility for what may happen!