That’s Why The Hornet Stung Me and Two Other Poems

I have a trio of poems up at Wax Poetry and Art, namely:

  1. The Crow (Culling Song #2)
  2. That’s Why The Hornet Stung Me
  3. Bury Me Face Down

You can read them Here

I think it’s high time y’all took a break from perusing the non-stop airing of electoral grievances (or conversely: overly smug celebration) on social media and read some sweet, sweet, poesy.

As an aside, I’m not really a poet – I’m a prosodist. Smart-assery aside I have never studied formal poetry and can’t tell you what dactylic hexameter or is or what constitutes a sestina. I admire those who can, but it ain’t me. My “poetry” is free verse (poetry that does not rhyme,) and more along the lines of quiet observational prose written out short.

At any rate, read and enjoy. I’ll be back before the end times.



The Fiend in the Folio


I have a short erotic romance up in the “Ever Dream of Me” anthology available from Fantasia Divinity Publishing. You can find it at Amazon right Here.

As far as Erotic Romance goes this one is a slightly Lovecraft-ian in tone – it’s kind of a lesbian awakening/mild foot-fetish/nameless horror undulating in the dark piece. No tentacles though – not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s just not what I do.

So if US presidential politics has you down (or, perhaps, in a mood to celebrate depending on your personal viewpoint – which we never judge here at Half-Wit Lit) draw yourself a nice bath, pour some Dr. Zen Zen into a nicely chilled glass, light a candle or four,  and enjoy the story.

I’d like to thank editor/publisher Madeline Stout for accepting the piece and bringing it out – it was a an honor.

OK peeps, I’m off to write.

Y’all stay young and cool.


Winona in the Window


My zombie apocalypse piece “Winona in the Window” is up at Amazon today courtesy bards & Sages Publishing’s ‘Society of Misfit Stories’ run.  You can get it Here. It’s a 0.99 download for you Kindle-types (or those who have a Kindle Reader) or free to KindleUnlimited subscribers.

In regards to the story itself – When the Zombie apocalypse comes (and it will, oh yes, it will,) get a dog and don’t trust the people. There is also some exposition on why the .357 Magnum might be the best sidearm for the end of days.

Much thanks to the hard-working crew at Bards and Sages for their efforts in getting ‘Winona’ out to the world – and I am very pleased with the Día de Muertos release!

Stay frosty comrades, and don’t feel bad about your post-Halloween candy induced diabetic coma. You have to live a little right?