Road Trip Rock: Part 2


OK – like any neurologically impaired person I went “Full Canadian” this past weekend and motored on out to the University of Victoria and back. Reason? Bringing back the G/F’s tot. Given the weather it’s fair to say this is the favorite tot, and the G/F is highly valued. It’s about 14 hours & 45 minutes either way. The trip out was wintry, but manageable. Back? Misery. Not even Sasquatches were out – particularly between Salmon Arm and Golden. (Go ahead and google-map these places.) 18+ hours in the Goddamn vehicle and some of that in near white-out conditions. It was whiter and more myopic than a Darth Trump fan convention.  However – we lived. (Never again.)

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t road trip without a handful of CD’s, a 34-ounce single wall Easton Slow-Pitch bat from the 80’s, and a few dozen of those free coffee cards from McDonald’s. All come in handy – and here’s a sampler of what we had on the stereo while gripping the wheel and clenching our butt-cheeks in fear for our lives.

Teenage Head: “Some Kinda Fun”

Canadian punk Rock legends Teenage head (more roots rock/rockabilly if you ask me) had a clean guitar sound that hearkened back to Eddie Cochrane and a stage presence that owed a lot to Gene Vincent. I never get tired of this song or the CD of the same name. Check out “Shag Shack” as well.

The Monks: “Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face”

Ahhh, the Monks. Got me through middle/high school parties. Tight, tight riffs, rhythms, and witty lyrics. Stick with “Nice legs” to the end and have a laugh. These guys aren’t so much a one-hit wonder as they are a one-album (yes, album) wonder. I’ve bought this in every format it was ever produced.

Big Sugar: “Ride Like Hell”

Everyone Who Knows me knows I don’t ride without Big Sugar close by. And man, does this song ever fit the trip.

“Sometimes I wonder/If I’ll ever get back home”

Ah, sing it to me Gordie. Hurts so good. Jeebus! Was that a Sasquatch?

AC/DC: “Ride On”

There comes a point in every road trip from hell when you realize you are going to die out there and you make peace with it. This, the most blues-y of all AC/DC’s catalog, is there for that moment.

As an aside, it’s hard to find and original version of this on Youtube. Mostly it’s people covering the vocals and often, not very well. Norah Jones does an excellent cover – and I say that as a non-Norah Jones fan. Look that up if you’re in the mood.

“Think of Me” (Sarah Brightman/Andrew Lloyd Webber etc., From “The Phantom of the Opera.”

The GF’s background is in musical theater and she sings this kind of stuff real well. And hey – no one can be metal as f*ck for 18 hours in the car right? Variety is the spice of life.

So there you have it.

Next Road Trip I’m going somewhere warm, not driving so much, and I’ll have more music.

Stay frosty comrades, and have a Merry Christmas.



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