This One & The Prophet of Regret (#9)

Auto-Engine-No-97-5-4-2013 used for RAR's Summer 2017 Cover.jpg

The Cover Photo for The Rat’s Ass Review Summer 2017 Issue is by Gerald Leonard.

The Summer 2017 Issue of the Rat’s Ass Review is live and I have two poems in there – namely “This One” and “The Prophet of Regret (#9).”

You can read them Here.

Much thanks to E-I-C Roderick Bates for accepting these poems and for working through them with me to ensure they came out well.

As an aside, with nine “Prophets of Regret” now (not all have appeared in print) I’ll have to figure out some way to collect them all in a single volume. Nine is a whole lot o’ regrettin’. Next up is “The Prophet of Regret (#7 – Cathedral City)” in the Coachella Madrigals chappie I have coming out – I am not sure of the actual release date as it has been pp’d a couple of times.

Stay young and cool kids, I’ll be back with more publishing news soon enough.



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