Permutations and Combinations

… and break-up songs on the radio.

I usually don’t talk about pieces before they actually appear. “Accepted” and “published” mean two different things. I’ve had a few where the accepting publisher has vanished or failed to meet their Kickstarter or whatever and the piece ultimately had to be re-shopped. That said I recently had a 666-word story accepted that is a permutation/combination of two poems I’d had accepted and published awhile ago. I pitched it to the editor that had taken the poems as a flash fiction piece and as  a different take on the same themes explored in that sweet, sweet poesy. I think an idea might be expressed in multiple literary formats – I had hoped they would concur. Concur they did with great enthusiasm and now “We Are All Already Dead (Reprise)” will be coming to you sometime in June.  So there, you have something to look forward to. I can’t promise you that there will ever be a “We Are All Already Dead – The Musical” but you never know what the future may hold.

As an aside this is the 5th 666-word piece I’ve written and placed. (I have two more that should appear before the “Reprise” goes up in June.) Inadvertently … I have found my niche. If you want a million words – a few kilos of words really – you’ve got DFW or some Russian. At the other end is the six-word story that started with Hemingway’s “Baby Shoes” – don’t pretend you don’t know it – and spawned a legion of contests. (Pro tip: Many of these charge you around $4/word to enter.) However, if you are particular about needing 666 – I’m your guy.

I’ve been listening to this lately, watched “American Hustle” the other night and this was on the soundtrack. I’m usually all metal, all the time, but something resonated and now it’s on loop.

Stay young and cool readers reader, I’ll be back with more literary shenanigan-izing in no time at all. In the meantime go google up where the band Steely Dan got their name from and don’t say you never learned anything via my blog. (I bet most of you already know anyways,)



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