Coming Soon: “Forty-Five Minutes of Unstoppable Rock”


A collection of my fiction will be published in August by the fiercely independent Tortoise Books out of Chicago, Illinois.

Proofs should be in my hands tomorrow and in no time at all the book will be actually on sale. “Forty-Five …” contains fifteen stories and in there among ’em is some new/never-released fiction. You might want to start hitting the gym now so your glutes are firm enough to grip you firmly to your seat when you first crack it open.

“Shit’s getting real” as they say.

I thought I’d put a sneak peak of the cover up – I love it.

Stay cool,



Ulysses, King of Hearts

James Joyce with Eye Patch
Man and woman, love, what is it? A cork and a bottle – James Joyce, Ulysses

My short story “Ulysses, King of Hearts” is up at Storgy today.  Click Here to read it.

Much thanks to the super editorial crew at Storgy for their kind acceptance of the piece.

It’s always kind of dreadful to have to summarize a piece or describe “where the idea” came from but I’ll say this much: The story is an “inverse” re-imagining of Charles Bukowski’s The Most Beautiful Woman in Town with some references to both James Joyce’s Ulysses and savage beatings by nuns.

Confession: I have never finished Ulysses – I have made it about 1/3 of the way in a couple of times.

Read and enjoy – and keep an eye out for those pesky nuns –  I’ll be back.


Snake Fight at the Temple of the Dog

Snakeskin image for Temple of the Dog

I have a new short story up at Arcturus today (Arcturus is the literary supplement to the Chicago Review of Books.) It’s called “Temple of the Dog” and you can read it Here.

Much thanks to Rachel and Amy at Arcturus for the editing help and for putting this story out there.

In case you ever wonder how I research my stories maybe read this one and ask yourself: Do you really want to know?

Stay frost comrades, and I do mean frosty. There’s a heatwave here and I go to a gym with no a/c and no windows – I think I sweated off a viable fetus today already.

Over and out,