Interview With Vending Machine Press

I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed by the tireless Michael Lafontaine over at Vending Machine Press.

You can read the whole thing Here

Much thanks to Mike for doing this – no one does as much as Mike does for writers/poets.


My Involvement in the Minor Literature[s] Mix Tape Affair

The awesome artwork is by Yanina Spizzirri

A while back I’d had a story (King of Diamonds, King of Hearts – just click on it to read) published by an online ‘zine called Minor Literature[s]. This made me a contributor. MinorLit[s] is one of the more active participants in on-line literary life, and a while back they came up with the idea of putting a Spotify list up consisting of songs submitted by contributors. I submitted two and in due course, the list was born. Here it is for your listening enjoyment:

Minor Cacophonies

I love the illustration, and there is lots of stuff on here that I had never heard before. I admit I’m interested at what other writers listen to. I’m interested in what you listen to as well. C’mon and lay it out.

What do you listen to?

As for my choices I get up every day to “Walk Among Us” and carve a path of destruction all the way to shortly before I fall asleep when I listen to “I Don’t Care About You” to remind me about what I was supposed to accomplish during that day and to prep me for sweet, sweet antinatalist dreams.

I think that by contributing to this Spotify list I became a collaborator and not merely a contributor. As for collaboration … history and history alone will judge me!

As an aside, I don’t have Spotify, I mostly use YouTube to listen to music if I’m at the ol’ writing desk. You can copy & paste any song title you want from the list into YouTube and listen that way too.

Other than this I have little to say. It’s been record-setting hot here and my sweet peas have grown to 5’+ in height and smell wonderful.

Stacy frosty comrades, I’ll be back when the border guards get tired and fall asleep at their posts.