My Involvement in the Minor Literature[s] Mix Tape Affair

The awesome artwork is by Yanina Spizzirri

A while back I’d had a story (King of Diamonds, King of Hearts – just click on it to read) published by an online ‘zine called Minor Literature[s]. This made me a contributor. MinorLit[s] is one of the more active participants in on-line literary life, and a while back they came up with the idea of putting a Spotify list up consisting of songs submitted by contributors. I submitted two and in due course, the list was born. Here it is for your listening enjoyment:

Minor Cacophonies

I love the illustration, and there is lots of stuff on here that I had never heard before. I admit I’m interested at what other writers listen to. I’m interested in what you listen to as well. C’mon and lay it out.

What do you listen to?

As for my choices I get up every day to “Walk Among Us” and carve a path of destruction all the way to shortly before I fall asleep when I listen to “I Don’t Care About You” to remind me about what I was supposed to accomplish during that day and to prep me for sweet, sweet antinatalist dreams.

I think that by contributing to this Spotify list I became a collaborator and not merely a contributor. As for collaboration … history and history alone will judge me!

As an aside, I don’t have Spotify, I mostly use YouTube to listen to music if I’m at the ol’ writing desk. You can copy & paste any song title you want from the list into YouTube and listen that way too.

Other than this I have little to say. It’s been record-setting hot here and my sweet peas have grown to 5’+ in height and smell wonderful.

Stacy frosty comrades, I’ll be back when the border guards get tired and fall asleep at their posts.



4 thoughts on “My Involvement in the Minor Literature[s] Mix Tape Affair

  1. Lori Hahnel

    This is an astounding amount of information to go through. I have heard of maybe 20% of the bands here, but I am old. I love Spotify. My kids got me hooked on it. So much music.

  2. I haven’t listened to the tape yet. The variety is impressive. My own contributions were chosen in hurry. I have to confess that I don’t listen to music much any more. It tends to stress me out. I only enjoy it when I’m driving or doing physical work. My son and I spent many days up at my late parents’ house painting recently, and we had a blast going through old cassettes and CDs. But I am unable to listen to music when reading or writing these days.

  3. Lori Hahnel

    I could only read or write and listen to music as a teen. Or so I told myself. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

  4. It’s never quiet here between the kids/dogs/incessant wind – music will act as “white noise” for me and drown out some of the clatter when I write. Ditto the weather channel or sports highlights. Outside of writing I’ve always got something on – especially in the car or at the gym. Oldest is in a band – and Superwoman has a background in musical theater so I can often get her to sing too. Music all the time here.

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