Invisible to Men

I have some flash fiction up at Spelk today – “Invisible to Men” it’s called. You can read it Here.

Although this might have a bit of a documentary/non-fiction feel to it I don’t actually write either form. I write prophecy. Welcome to the way your life will peter out, grain by painful grain, dropping moribund through the hourglass made of what you hoped might be different but wasn’t.

I’ll be back with less cheerful fiction shortly.

Until then,



Like Break-Up Songs on the Radio (Prophecies of Regret About the Last Three Women I’ll Meet)

Dead Cupid
Hey – Someone had to stop his reign of terror. 

I have a new story up in the October issue of Bird’s Thumb – an e-zine out of Chicago. It has the rather lengthy title of “Like Break-Up songs on the Radio (Prophecies of Regret About the Last Three Women I’ll Meet.) You can read it Here. Love, lust, and loss, all in under 2,000 words. You know what I’m talking about it. Don’t deny it.

Give ‘er a read and let me know what you think.

Stay unrepentant and savage amigos, amigas, I’ll be back soon with more fictive fiction soon.




The Coachella Madrigals – Soon to be in Print

Truthfully, I only ever got as far east as Indio – and that was to look at the courthouse. It’s famous. But here’s the Coachella sign!

Awhile ago Luminous Press (Luminous produces Firefly Magazine – the website is Here) published my e-chapbook “The Coachella Madrigals” for easy reading on the internet.

Due to a better than anticipated volume of readers they contacted me with an offer to run a print version on a POD (print-on-demand) basis and soon there will be one available. It will be sold on I do not have pricing as of today but expect it to be $6.50-ish  in USA currency.

If you order one don’t hesitate to review it – it’s already listed at Goodreads right Here – and what the heck – if you have read the e-copy (which you can read for free) go ahead and review it. It’s love and ruin in the California desert – and it’s short. You can read it on your break – if you still get them your oppressive right-to-work-state you oppressed worker you.

And stay the heck out of the desert kids – no good can come of it. Trust me on that one.



Very Short and Accurate Reviews of Movies I Went to This Summer

Poet and Hottie (From “Paterson”)

OK – as you know SuperWonderWoman and I like to hit a Movie Mill (they run movies after the original theatrical release has been out for a while) because it’s cheap and never that crowded.  We get an upsized share combo and watch away. So here are some very short and accurate reviews of a bunch of the movies we have been to in the last little while (presented in no particular order):

Baby Driver: OK, but the soundtrack didn’t do it for me. In fact, I found it distracting. Others might like it though – I’m more metal than most. There were some explosions.

Valerian: OK, but should have been better given the $1 Billion (it seemed) in CGI and the Graphic Novel’s legacy. Lots of explosions but … meh.

Rough Night: OK – “Bridesmaids” on a Budget. Had some great moments though. No explosions but it’s not really an explosions-movie.

Rogue One: Awesome. Probably the Best Star Wars movie overall. (I’m not sentimental about “A New Hope” or “Return of the Jedi.”) Many excellent explosions and all of them drove the plot.

The Mummy: Not that good. Tom Cruise ran a bit, sure, but it was more a collection of set pieces than a narrative. Some explosions, true, but really, what for?

Paterson:  Excellent. You know, it’s basically about a guy writing shitty poetry who happens to have a hot girlfriend. I found this very relate-able. Whoa. I think I just exploded.

King Arthur, The Legend of the Sword: Not that good. See my review of the Mummy i.e. a collection of scenes held together by … not much. Uma Menina Bonita thought it was great though. Go figure. Explosions were … on the mystical side, which suited the movie.

Wonder Woman: Not too bad at all. Many excellent explosions but too many shyly dressed Amazons. Also: Although it’s neither here nor there I feel that almost all action movies could be bettered by having the principles hit a goddamn gym and run about three weeks of Trenbolone Acetate. Way too many skinny/model-y people acting all tough. Get big, get hard, get in front of the camera I say.

Bad Moms: I admit this was a while ago but it was very good. Kathryn Hahn makes anything she is in better. When in doubt, go see a Kathryn Hahn movie I say, you’ll never be disappointed. Not an explosion movie but don’t hold that against it.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Really good. It may not have been quite as good as the first one, but it was still very good. The explosions all were purposeful and magnificent.

The Nice Guys: The worst. I hated it. A disorganized mess of a movie. Ryan Gosling can’t decide whether to play it straight or for laughs. Russell Crowe was fine but seemed weary –  or just constipated – and was probably thinking about The Mummy and wondering if he’ll ever get a good script again.

Nocturnal Animals: Good but very, very dark. Michael Shannon is excellent in this movie and the bad guy is played so ably by Aaron Taylor-Johnson I swear you’ll have to restrain yourself from laying the ol’ construction boots to him if you ever see him in real-life. “Take that Ray! A vegan steelie up your ass is better than you deserve!” This movie is actually based on the novel “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright published in the early nineties.

Beauty and The Beast: This was the live-action version. Good. Seemed long. As with the animated version Gaston stole the show, the magnificent bastard.

So there you have it. I love movies and wish I had time for more. I’ll try to add to this later. However, you can’t go wrong by firing up a DvD of “Hesher” when you really need a good movie to watch and there are none at “The Mill”

Stay Cool my savage reader-types,

I’ll be back soon.

PS: Please pre-order my book from Amazon.







“The most tangible of all visible mysteries, fire.” – Leigh Hunt

I have a new short story up at The Occulum – this one called “Blowtorch.”

You can read it HERE

I normally write “General Literary Fiction” but this is more along the lines of speculative fiction or “magical realism.” What can I say – I have a speculative soul.

Let me know what you think.

What do I think? I think I love the cover art. Much thanks to the editor at The Occulum for putting the piece up and for their excellent formatting/art direction.


Exit Interview

a holes still in charge
It’s a Legitimate Question. 

I have a new short story up at the Danforth Review’s issue #74. I was very pleased to get one accepted by the Danforth, one of Canada’s longest running indie lit mags. Much thanks to Michael Bryson for his editorial help and guidance.

Click here to read “Exit Interview.”

I’d like to dedicate this one to all of my brothers and sisters who toil (or have toiled) in the cube farms of the world on behalf of soulless corporations run by an unholy alliance of the shamefully craven and those who are merely stupid.

Solidarity Comrades!

Let me know what you think,



Canadian Book Launch/Signing for “Forty-Five Minutes of Unstoppable Rock”

November 11 2015
My book-signing face. Yes, I look like a Bond villain’s henchman. You didn’t have to say it.

Just a quick note to let y’all know that the formal book launch/signing session for “Forty-Five Minutes of Unstoppable rock” will be at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary (located at 815A 49 Ave SW, Calgary) on Monday, November 6th running from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Owl’s Nest, located in the Britannia area,  is Calgary’s oldest indie bookstores and a great venue with lots of free parking. So bring your favorite rock band tee-shirt (anything Misfits never goes out of style – ditto Metallica’s ‘Ride the Lightning” or “Master of Puppets” album covers) and be prepared to throw some horns.

Dio throwing some horns
Dio – the man, the myth, the legend (RIP) – demonstrating how to “throw horns.”

\m/ \m/

See you there.